Pediatric Dentist for Anxious Kids in Mooresville

Pediatric Dentist for Anxious Children Near Me

Some children just fear the dentist. That’s why you need a pediatric
dentist for anxious children near you. Dental anxiety is the unrest that
your child goes through when they visit the dentist or hear of an
upcoming dental appointment.

Why does your child fear the dentist?

Children may develop a fear of the dentist because of the

Past experiences: Maybe your child has already been
to the dentist and is not happy about going back there. The sounds of
dental tools might still be in their head.

Fear of medical tools such as needles: Your child
may have a general fear of medical tools and the hospital environment
and since they know that the dentist also uses these tools, this could
scare them.

Stories from their peers: If another child in their
circle had a bad experience at the dentist, your child might develop
this fear too even if they were cooperative in previous dental

How does a pediatric dentist for anxious children

Pediatric dentists are trained to handle children. They know how to
handle anxiety and they can calm your child down during a dental
appointment. Some of the skills they use to help your child include:

They are attentive

Children love attention. Pediatric dentists show them exactly that.
They talk to them, play with them, and consider their feelings.

They apply relaxation techniques

Depending on the severity of your child’s anxiety and the type of
procedure they need, their dentist will apply relaxation techniques such
as deep breathing or use local anesthesia to calm them down.

They use distraction

They distract your child so that they don’t concentrate on the
procedures. Some of them use music. Others allow your child to play with
their favorite toy.

So your child has dental anxiety? Visit us today to meet our
pediatric dentists for anxious children.