Emergency Pediatric Dentist Near Me in Mooresville

Emergencies happen at any time of day. Your child should not wait for
regular office hours to see a dentist when an emergency occurs. It is
absolutely important to locate an emergency pediatric dentist near you
who will be available around the clock. There are some problems that can
wait but others cannot and should not wait.

Dental problems that require immediate treatment

Knocked-out tooth

When a child knocks their tooth out during play, you can’t wait for a
dentist to become available. You have to try and save the tooth as soon
as possible. If it is a permanent tooth, the first thing is not to touch
the root. Second, is to put the tooth in milk or saline solution. Then
rush to your emergency pediatric dentist.

Fractured, cracked, broken, or chipped tooth

It is very common for a child’s tooth to suffer a crack or fracture.
Sometimes the tooth breaks into pieces. If it is a permanent tooth, try
to collect the pieces and take them to your emergency pediatric dentist.
If the pieces are lost, not to worry your dentist will give you
treatment options to help your child.

Object stuck between teeth

Most baby teeth have gaps in between. Sometimes an object might get
stuck and cause panic in the child and parent. Do not try to pull it out
forcefully. Gently floss to see if it falls off, if not, go to your
nearest emergency dentist.

Fractured jaw

Jaw fractures are usually characterized by bleeding. If your child
has suffered a dental injury and is bleeding, visit the dentist to check
for jaw fractures.

Cut on the lip, tongue, or cheek

This is more common in younger children who put things in their
mouths. Your child can bite their tongue, lip, or cheek. Take them for
emergency treatment as these areas are prone to infection.

Do you have the contact information for an emergency pediatric
dentist near you? find emergency pediatric dentists by calling us.